Holly Macdonald

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Hi, I’m Holly Macdonald! I’m a programmer in San Francisco. These are some things I’ve worked on:


At Manticore Games I’ve worked on Core, a platform for developing and distributing online games, as a client engineer and engineering manager.


As an iOS engineer on SmuleSing! Karaoke, I chiefly worked to develop LiveJam, a live karaoke streaming feature which allows users to broadcast themselves singing solo or with a duet partner from the audience.

Facebook Events

 Facebook Events

As an iOS engineer on Facebook’s Private Events team, I worked on a number of projects designed to make it easier for people to make plans to do things offline with their friends.

 Oculus Rift

 Oculus Rift Retail Demo

I joined the Oculus Rift Retail Demo team for a Hackamonth to help complete the development of a demo which was installed in brick and mortar stores to help people experience virtual reality for the first time.



I was a gameplay engineer on Trove, a massively multiplayer sandbox action RPG.



I worked as a gameplay engineer on the MMORPG RIFT and its expansion Storm Legion. I programmed the game’s marriage system, which allowed RIFT to set the Guinness World Record for most in-game marriages in 24 hours.