Holly Macdonald

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Hi, I’m Holly Macdonald! I’m a programmer in San Francisco. These are some things I’ve worked on:


At Manticore Games I’ve worked on Core, a platform for developing and distributing online games, as a client engineer. I’ve implemented the Perks system that creators use to sell in-game content to players, and the Reward Points system that allows them to grant players free currency redeemable for cosmetic items.


As an iOS engineer on SmuleSing! Karaoke, I chiefly worked to develop LiveJam, a live karaoke streaming feature which allows users to broadcast themselves singing solo or with a duet partner chosen from the audience. I also programmed a complete redesign of the app’s “Explore” gallery, developed a new login/registration flow, and integrated native and rewarded video advertisements.

Facebook Events

 Facebook Events

As an iOS engineer on Facebook’s Private Events team. I worked on a number of projects designed to make it easier for people to make plans to do things in real life with their friends, like an overhauled event composer, improvements to the guest list and invitation flow, and changes to the event page which emphasize the most important information about the event.

 Oculus Rift

 Oculus Rift Retail Demo

I joined the Oculus Rift Retail Demo team for a Hackamonth to help complete the development of a demo which will be installed in brick and mortar stores to help people experience virtual reality for the first time.



I was a gameplay engineer on Trove, a massively multiplayer sandbox action RPG. I did the engineering work necessary to build the first seven character classes (Knight, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, and Ice Sage) added to the game. In between those, I worked on other miscellaneous mechanics, like enemy AI and collectible NPC pets.



I worked as a gameplay engineer on the MMORPG RIFT and its expansion Storm Legion. I mostly specialized in work involving items, building features like cosmetic equipment, item augmentation, new types of recipes and crafting, upgradable equipment, and item sets. I also build the game’s marriage system, which allowed RIFT to set the Guinness World Record for most in-game marriages in 24 hours.